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Hello, thank you for visiting my site! It is stil a work in progress but here's what you can expect right now, what's to expect in the following days and most importantly why I'm making a website.

Let's start with the why first. I'm making this website for recording my workout progress, and being held publicly accountable to post updates.

You should be able to see on the left sidebar two elements, the first being the last time I worked out, with a picture of me, and the second being the last time I logged in. It should be updated every two days on average since it's how frequently I work out (more on that another time!).

What you should expect is more than just someone's activity tracker. I'll also write posts explaining my workout routine, what I've leared while working out, why I'm working out in the first place and stuff like that. An archive of all workouts would be nice, along with previous performance to grade improvements.

This website is still very new. If you want to see it grow and motivate me to improve it, feel free to follow it and leave a comment on my neocities profile.

pic of me lol